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BDSM Furniture


A superb quality! I never had so much fun as with these instruments of torture. I can really immobilize my submissives in different ways thanks to the Saint-André cross. 

-Goddess Sedna-

À propos

Since 2016, Mobile Fetish Secret has been manufacturing unique quality furniture for BDSM. Made by an artisan from Quebec, the furniture is made from plywood and top quality and highly resistant materials, the play stations are thought out and designed to meet your highest standards. Made with care and professionalism, attention to detail accompanies each step of their manufacture. They stand out for their practicality, as they are removable, which makes them easy to transport and store for great discretion in your privacy.

No tools are required to assemble and disassemble the play stations, only a hex wrench provided with purchase and the finishing products used on the wood are eco-responsible and solvent-free. 

A wide range of stations and furniture is available for the most frequent uses. It is also possible to adapt and modify an existing station to meet your wishes and needs, at reasonable additional cost. You also have the option of ordering a custom station, thought out and designed just for you. It will be my pleasure to give you an estimate of the cost for the realization of your project.


We will answer you as soon as possible!

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